Friday, 12 February 2016

Pop Figure Collection

It all started back in February 2014. The place was Birmingham MCM Comic Con and there was only one thing on my mind - pop figures. Ever since I had seen a picture of a teeny tiny Loki I knew what my next obsession would be. Unfortunately my dreams of having a little Loki didn't last - 2014 was a popular time for pop figures and he was sold out. Luckily his handsome older brother Thor was sitting on the shelf just waiting for me to pick him up.

Cut to two years later and my collection has grown to 67 figures crowding my shelves and taking up my space. Kind of crazy I know, but look how adorable they are! I swear there is no way you can resist these things. I have so many that I cant even fit them all in one place any more, my Adventure Time and Transformers Pops have been designated to the top of my wardrobe.

As if they are not enough, I still have plenty more I have to purchase. I'm already planning on buying the new Friends ones, and I have all of the new Star Wars figures to buy. I don't think I could choose a favourite Pop, Maybe Loki or Peggy Carter, or Captain America, but they are all so cute that I just cant pick!

I've gotten so addicted that I've started buying some to re-paint and make into my own characters. For Christmas I made all my friends, who are also Funko collectors, a Pop of themselves. I'm currently working on a little Markiplier and I even made myself in Pop Figure form! 

Are there any Pop Figures you're planning on buying?

Amy x

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