Friday, 25 March 2016

Comic Con March 2016

If you know me you probably know that I am a teensy bit of a nerd so it's no surprise that I went to Birmingham MCM last Saturday. I ended up enjoying it so much that I actually forgot to take many pictures so please accept this pre-Comic Con excited selfie of me and my sister as a main picture!

This one was a little more relaxed then the last Comic Con I went to - no Game Of Thrones people this time, although Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow was there which made me freak out just a little bit! They also had the Delorean from Back To The Future there (can I just hop in this thing and go back to take some more photos?!)

Also look at these shoes. They're so cool and I struggled not to buy them all but I managed to control myself because this year I was after (no surprises) Funko Pop Figures! Comic Con did not disappoint and had a bunch of Pop stands and I may have gone a little cray-cray and bought 10 of them!

I bought Black Widow and Falcon from Civil War, Rey, Leia and C-3PO from Star Wars, Bobby and 'Steve' variant Castiel from Supernatural, Marcelline with her guitar from Adventure Time, Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, and Chandler Bing from Friends. I actually went with the intention of just getting 4 but look at them, how was I meant to say no when they're that cute?!

Now I've gotta go find more space on my shelves for all my new Pop Figure additions!

Have you ever been to Comic Con? Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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