Monday, 28 March 2016

Nerdy Nails - Wonder Woman Nails

So Batman vs Superman has just come out at the Cinema and, don't get me wrong I like Batman and Superman but I am way more excited for Wonder Woman! I am a huge fan and cannot wait to go see her in action but until then I'm gonna hold myself over with some Wonder Woman nails!

If you wanna do these nails you will need:
- A red nail polish
- Blue, gold, yellow, white, and black nail polish/acrylic paint
- A top coat
- A small brush
- A base coat (optional)
- Nail polish remover and a remover brush (optional)
- A Lego Wonder Woman figure (optional but recommended for extra fun)

Step 1 - Paint all your nails red, this will provide a background for all the crap we're gonna do next!

Step 2 - On a diagonal paint half your nail blue with a nail polish or acrylic paint. You don't really have to be neat about the line between the two colours because we're gonna cover that up in the next step!

Step 3 - Using the small brush you acquired at the start paint a gold line over the join of the two colours. I like to turn my nail instead of the brush when I'm doing it because it means I don't have to worry about that weird shaky hand thing that happens when you do nail art and you need a steady hand!

Step 4 - Paint some white stars over the blue section of the nail. This bit is kind of a bitch because the stars are a complicated shape and they're tiny, so go as slow as you need, use the teeniest brush you can, and remember that as long as it looks good from far away no one is gonna care!

Step 5 - Now it's time to paint the Wonder Woman logo, I just did it on one nail because it's a lot of work and I just did a bunch of tiny stars(!) so basically it's just a really thick 'W' with wings on the sides. Don't worry too much about getting it perfect because we're gonna be able to cover some of it with black in the next step! Also you may want to put a coat of white down first to make the yellow stand out more.

Step 6 - Fill in the rest of the design with black. You basically wanna outline the yellow shape with a thin black line, separate the sides with two lines, then the middle with one line. It's a little complicated so practising it on paper first really helps! Also having an image of the logo printed out/online will obvs be useful for reference. After that apply a top coat and you're done!

If you try out these nails don't forget to let me know how it went, you can tweet me @nerdymermaids! Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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