Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Lets Talk About The Game Of Thrones Finale

In case Melisandre's intense scary face isn't enough to warn you I'm about to discuss the crap outta that finale. BIG TIME SPOILERS ALERT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Ok if you're still here omgthatepisodetho! I'm struggling to even process the amount of things that happened and what this all means for season 7. Cersei! Dany! Yara! Olenna! Lyanna Mormont! Sansa! Arya! Ellaria! And Brienne is still alive thank god! Ma ladies have really kicked ass this season!

Firstly I just wanna point out that the Stark sigil was back on Winterfell in the opening credits and I am now so happy! Literally fuck you Ramsay, his comeuppance at the end of the last episode was already perfect but this just sealed the deal!

Pretty much for the first 15 minutes I was just confusedly trying to figure out what was going on and then boom, the entire freaking sept got blown up! I would have actually been fine with it and even egged Cersei on a little if it hadn't been for the fact that Margaery was in there! I was so sad but before I could even recover from that Tommen jumped out the window! While I do feel sad for him, I will be using this gif for reactions such as when something mildly inconveniencing happens in the future! 

Joking aside I loved the parallel between Tommen jumping out the window and Bran being pushed out back in episode 1. It's also horrifically ironic that everything Cersei has done to protect her family has actually ended up being a cause for their deaths. I had a suspicion Tommen was going to die because of Maggy the Frog's prophecy last season and although Cersei has badass-ly bitched her way back to Queen, she is definitely going to be in danger next season.

I feel like with Jaime's conversation with Walder Frey and him looking at Cersei on the throne he is finally starting to question what he believes in. He seems to be torn between wanting to be a good person and loyalty to his family. Sam is finally at the citadel where he wants to be with a cute lil' family and a bamf sword and I couldn't be happier for him. Still did not appreciate that maester dick shouting that there were no women or children allowed at Gilly. 

I feel like now that the show has killed off some of the main villains we may get a big bad in the form of the White Walkers next season which would fit with the "Winter is here" quote from Sansa. I'm so glad that her and Jon are finally back at Winterfell and Jon has been proclaimed the new King in the North, ngl I may have gotten a bit teary at the parallels between Robb and Jon in that scene (Also shout out to the main bitch Lyanna Mormont - she is my new fave). I just need Petyr Baelish to fuck off with trying to manipulate Sansa into not trusting her brother. I can only hope that next season she decides to side with Jon and celebrate by beheading that creepy mustachioed bitch. 

Davos finding out about Shireen was so heartbreaking but I still don't know whether or not to trust Melisandre. I mean she has the makings of a religious nut but she did legit just bring someone back from the dead so it does make you wonder if it's not all just blind faith? Still seeing as she only got banished and didn't die I don't think we've seen the last of her.

Olenna deciding to team up with Ellaria Sand who is in turn teaming up with Dany has legit made my day. The thought of Dany and Olenna sipping on some wine whilst discussing all the people they hate is something I definitely want to watch! Also Dany making Tyrion Hand of the Queen may have made me shed a little tear. He's been mocked all his life and then finally someone comes along and respects him and treats him as a human being and gives him a high position on her squad...I'm just a little emotional about Tyrion ok guys?

Arya sneaking back to Westeros to fuck all of Walder Freys shit up has been my dream since they killed Robb and Cat. Although she killed his kids and his death was pretty gruesome he was a dick and I love Arya so I'm cool with it. Ngl Bran's storyline has not been gripping me as much as the others this season (although 'The Door' definitely fucked me right up) however using him to confirm the R+L=J theory is something I can get behind. I have been convinced that Jon Snow is a Targaryen since I first heard the theory and I am so happy they finally revealed it! I just hope that he finds out so him, Sansa and Dany can all team up and be bamfs.

So that brings me to the last scene - Dany with her huge army and her dragons sailing to Westeros to fuck everyone's shit up. I. Am. Dead. We've all been waiting 6 seasons to see her sail across the narrow sea and it's finally happening! I legit cannot wait for next season to find out if she succeeds at reclaiming her rightful place as Queen and how they're going to incorporate the White Walkers (the books are called 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' after all). Knowing Game of Thrones it's going to be even more amazing than we can imagine and I'm probably going to be the one dead by the end of it!

What are your thoughts on the end of season 6? Do you have any predictions for season 7? (I could talk about Game of Thrones all day). Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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