Saturday, 2 July 2016

My Month - June 2016

So June has been kinda weird. I voted in my first referendum, the weather has not been unbearably hot for summer, and I pretty much spent the entire month on my new PS4. Here's some stuff I've been loving this month!

1. My new PS4
I recieved this as a 3 months early birthday present and I literally have not moved all month. I have already bought 7 games and completed Destiny. I am hooked and now you can expect to see a lot more gaming posts on here!

2. Me before you
This book man. It got recommended to me by a friend after I said I thought the film looked like it was gonna be good so I read it and ow! I don't think I've stopped hurting yet, it hit me right in the feelings. I would definitely recommend reading it but be warned - it's sad. The film is out now and I still haven't seen it because I'm pretty sure I'd just be a crying mess in the cinema...

3. The cold
Unpopular opinion time - I hate the summer! With the heat and the bugs and the sunburn and the uncomfortable clothes, just mehhh! Unfortunately for me the temperature has been going up in England and it has really made me appreciate the odd day when it's been cold. I think I'm just gonna go live in the freezer for the next couple of months!

4. The Angry Birds Movie
Honestly I was not expecting to like this movie but it was good! I did end up relating a lot more to the pigs in it though which does make me question some things... Anyway kids films always seem to have that childish comedy that I love so I guess I'm just a big kid on the inside, aren't we all?

5. Dorbz
Yes I have found a new thing to collect. As with all my other collections these are really cute! I only have Loki at the moment (because who doesn't love Loki) but I am already planning on buying more. Goodbye to my money!

6. Game of Thrones
This show just keep getting better and I am addicted. No spoilers but omg that finale tho! When that thing happened with the stuff? Yeah that was awesome. If you've already seen it or don't mind spoilers you should totally go and read my post about it here (Shameless self promotion)!

What have you been loving this month? Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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