Saturday, 10 September 2016

My 21st Birthday!

So on September 2nd I actually became a fully fledged adult! HA jk, I don't think I'll ever be 'adult' but I did turn 21 and, despite the constant nagging feeling that I should have my life together by now, it was pretty fun! (As you can probably tell from the photo I was very excited)

In the morning I got woken up in the traditional way of my family - badly sing-shouting the "Happy Birthday" song whilst dumping piles of presents onto the birthday person and making our dog bark from how high pitch we get by the end of the song (Sorry neighbours)! I got a pretty awesome hand made nerd cake out of it though so I guess I'll forgive them!

Present-wise I got an extremely amazing nerdy haul of stuff including a PS4 that my parents decided to give me 3 months ago as an early birthday gift and a bunch of games. Safe to say it's the best present ever! I am currently extremely addicted to Star Wars Battlefront and seem to have racked up over 80 hours of gameplay - whoops!

My sister went all out and actually got me 21 presents! But she made up for all the gross nice-ness by ordering a custom birthday card that looked like this -

I'm not a big party/clubbing person so on the actual day me and my family went shopping around the Bullring shopping center in Birmingham and had a fancy lunch out. I'd almost classify myself as an adult just from that however the rest of the day was spent going round all the nerdy shops looking at the cute funko pop figures! 

As if all that wasn't enough my parents know how much of a nerd I am so they also bought me tickets to FriendsFest at the end of September! I'm pretty sure my personality is 90% Friends quotes so I am freakin' excited as hell! You can definitely expect a post on that next month!

Thanks for reading! Amy xx

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