Thursday, 30 March 2017

Why you need to see Sweet/Vicious

Recently I was looking for a new show to watch when I came across something called Sweet/Vicious. Being the TV show addict that I am, I tried out the first episode and...pretty much completely fell down the rabbit hole and binge watched every single episode. Now it's safe to say I am addicted and it's definitely my new favourite show!

The premise* - "Hell-bent on bringing justice to those who get away with abuse on their college campus, Jules and Ophelia take on double lives as wannabe vigilantes."
I mean if that description doesn't interest you I don't know what will. Basically its about two girls who go to college by day and kick douche's asses by night and I think it might just be the best thing I've ever seen on TV. 

Sweet/Vicious is a show that combines comedy, female friendships, and well developed characters whilst also tackling the subject of rape and sexual abuse in a very respectful way. The show definitely has it's darker moments that serve to make it all the more emotional and make you really feel for the characters.

The big selling point for me was the characters. In some shows I find that occasionally the script can be a bit of a let down and when the characters talk to each other it just never feel realistic. With Sweet/Vicious this is never a problem. The characters are all written so well and when they talk it always feels like a real conversation. 

My favourite thing about Sweet/Vicious is the female friendships. Too many shows nowadays have women constantly competing over the smallest things or worse - not talking at all! With this show not only do they talk to each other, but they're actually friends. Which is absolutely beautiful and makes me want to cry from happiness!

Honestly I could ramble on about how much I love this show for days but I'll save you the time and say only this - please go watch it! At the moment it hasn't been renewed for series 2 but I think a show that tackles such important subjects being canceled would be awful. Plus I really want to see what happens in another season!

Have you seen Sweet/Vicious? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading!

Amy x

* taken from IMDB

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