Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Month - March 2017

March has been a pretty lazy month for me. I played some games, ate a lot of chocolate, and got addicted to my phone; all in the space of a month - I have such a busy life! Here are some things I've been loving -

1. My New Haircut
My hair has been looking a little dead and lifeless for a while now so I decided to take the plunge and chop it off! I haven't had short hair in about 10 years so it feels a little strange but I'm very happy that I can now start growing out some new healthy hair!

2. Egg n Spoons
Oh my God I'm addicted to these things. They are freaking delicious and future me is probably gonna be so mad when she weighs herself but right now I don't even care. Just give me all those Eggy Spoons!

3. Comic Con
I went to the first MCM Birmingham Comic Con of this year this month and had an awesome time. As usual I bought way too many pop figures and am now struggling to find the room for them. Why I do this to myself I don't know but their cute lil' faces make it all worth it! 

4. New Phone
I've had the same phone for about 7 years now and an upgrade was seriously needed so I finally saved up and bought myself an iPhone 6 plus. I haven't had it long but I'm definitely addicted to it and I'm not even sorry. Plus look at this glittery case - so pretty!

5. Sweet Vicious
Friends let me tell you about the best thing I have ever watched - Sweet Vicious. It's about two girls who go to college by day and beat up sexual abusers by night and it's AMAZING. You guys know I love me a strong female badass character and this show is FILLED with them. They are so well developed that I could cry - in fact I did because this show is so good. Also if you want you can see an entire post of me rambling about how good it is, here you go!

What have you been loving this month? Thanks for reading!

Amy x

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