About Me

Hey, I'm Amy, I'm 21 and I really like nerdy shit. Lets get right into it, here's some stuff you may like to know about me - 

1. I blog about a lot of TV shows, movies, strong female characters (cus feminism amiright?) and a whole heap of beautiful nerdy things.
2. I have a (not so) slight crush on Tom Hiddleston which resulted in me receiving a life-size cardboard cut-out of him for my 20th Birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.

3. I love the internet. I don't think laptops were built for constant 24 hour a day use but hey, it just means mine is well loved...right?

4. I can solve a rubiks cube and I hold that as my best achievement in life so far.

5. My hobbies include the internet, looking at beautiful people on the internet and watching fake people and their make believe lives through the internet. 

6. Lord of the Rings is my favourite movie. 

7. I have accidentally become a Funko Pop Figure collector. It all started with Thor, (damn his beautiful face) and now I have over 70 of them. It's bad for my bank but, hey, just look at their adorable faces!

8. My dislikes consist of spiders, horror films and not having money.

9. As you can probably tell from my picture I love hair dye! I first dyed it when I was 15 and I haven't seen my natural hair colour since!

10. I have social anxiety which makes it hard for me to talk to people but it doesn't mean I don't like talking! - if you ever want to message/contact me feel free and we can all be massive nerds together!

*DISCLAIMER* - All content on this blog was created by me unless otherwise stated. Please ask me before using any photos.

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